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 Almond Butter Crunch

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PostSubject: Almond Butter Crunch   Mon Oct 13, 2008 3:30 pm

Posted By Arlington.


1 cup butter
1&1/3 cups sugar
1 tablespoon light corn syrup
3 tablespoons water
1 cup coarsely chopped blanched almonds,,,toasted
4-4&1/2 ounce bars of milk chocolate,,,melted
1 cup finely chopped, blanched almonds,,toasted


Melt butter in heavy 2 quart saucepan.Add sugar, syrup, and water...Cook,stirring often to hard crack stage (300 deg) Quickly stir in the coarsely chopped nuts,,spread in well greased 13x9x2 inch pan.Cool thoroughly. Turn out on waxed paper,spread top with half the chocolate,sprinkle half finely chopped nuts.Cover with waxed paper,invert and spread again with chocolate.Sprinkle with remaining nuts.If necessary,chill to firm chocolate.Break into pieces.

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Almond Butter Crunch
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