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 While You Are Cooking...

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PostSubject: While You Are Cooking...   Sun Sep 14, 2008 2:27 pm

Meats must be cooked to the proper temperature to assure safety.

Germs such as E-coli and salmonella can still be present in undercooked meats such as hamburger and chicken. These germs can cause severe illness and even death.

While the juice color will usually change from red to gray when the meat is fully cooked, it is not a reliable test to assure it is safe to eat. Always check the temperature with a meat thermometer. Foods that reach the temperature listed or higher are fully cooked.

Chicken 165o F
Hamburger 160o F
Pork 150o F
Hot dogs 140o F
Leftovers 165o
Eggs 145o
Other foods 140o

Insert the thermometer into the center of the meat, which is the least cooked part. For checking hot dogs, go from the end of the hot dog to the center. Be careful not to pass through the meat and touch the cooking surface or you will get a false high temperature reading.

Wash your hands after touching raw meat! Use utensils to handle the cooked meat. Do not place cooked meat on surfaces that had raw meat.

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While You Are Cooking...
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