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 shrimp creole ala' pappy

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PostSubject: shrimp creole ala' pappy   Thu Oct 16, 2008 4:52 pm

By Pappy3

5 lbs of peeled shrimp
1 cup of roux
1 qt tomato sauce
1qt rotel
1 cp celery
1cp onion
1/2 cp chopped bell pepper
1/2 cp of chopped green onion
6 big pods of garlic chopped
2 pts mushrooms sliced
1/2 cp brown sugar
6 fresh bay leaves chopped
1/2 cp chopped parsley
1 lemon thinly sliced with peeling on
1/2 cp worcestershire sauce

Start with the white or yellow onions and clarify in a large pot, add in the beel pepper and cook till limp.
add in chopped garlic, marry together with onions and bell pepper
drop shrimp in and cook till pink and take them out to cool on a plate
add in liquids, 1 qt tomato sauce and 1 qt of rotel bring to a boil while stirring, add the roux in small cut portions till all is desolved
add in celery ,brown sugar,stir till dissolved.
add shrimp,and all the rest of the ingredients and salt & pepper to your taste
and cook for 15 minutes ,you can put this over rice or a pasta
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shrimp creole ala' pappy
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