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 Camp Pudding

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PostSubject: Camp Pudding   Fri Oct 17, 2008 1:10 pm

By North Star


2 large boxes instant pudding mix
2 cups instant dry milk
1 small package Oreo cookies or Graham crackers, crushed
2 (1 gallon) zip-type bags

Use the packages of pudding that use 3 cups milk or get 3 smaller packages. Flavor is optional.

At home: Put the dry pudding power into a zip-type bag. Add 2 cups dry milk and mix well. Close the bag after getting as much air from the bag as can be done easily.

Put the crushed cookies/crackers in a second zip-type bag.

At the camp: Add 6 cups water to the pudding and milk. Re-close the bag and shake to mix without breaking the bag. Put crumbs in the bottom of bowls or cups. Pour pudding over the crumbs. Top the pudding with additional crumbs. Let set for a few minutes. Eat and enjoy.

8 servings
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Camp Pudding
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