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 barbecued venison sandwiches

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North Star

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PostSubject: barbecued venison sandwiches   Fri Oct 17, 2008 1:45 pm

Posted By North Star.

I was cooking for 7 people with this one so it's large.


6lbs venison(your choice of cut).
cook as you would cook a roast of your liking, but slow cook it over night. in the morning, cut it up and put in a slow cooker along with your favorite home made barbecue sauce.

barbecue sauce.

1 bottle 36 oz ketchup.
3/4 cup brown sugar.
2 tbsp liquid smoke.
2 tsp garlic powder.
2 tsp minced onion.
1 tsp black pepper.
2 tsp seasoning salt.
2 tsp oregano.

add sauce to meat in slow cooker, and cook till you just can't wait to eat it anymore. serve with chips or french fries.

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barbecued venison sandwiches
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