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 Vanilla Fudge

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PostSubject: Vanilla Fudge   Fri Oct 17, 2008 2:44 pm

By Tessie2

1 cup [250 mL] sugar
1 cup [250 mL] brown sugar [not packed]
1 cup [250 mL] whipping cream [35%]
1 bottle cap vanilla
1 tablespoon [15 mL] butter
Nuts [optional]

Well mix together sugar, brown sugar and whipping cream, into an 8-cup [2-L] preferably plastic container.
Microwave for 10 minutes on 'MAXIMUM'.
Add vanilla, butter and nuts.
Mix until mixture is granular.
Pour into a buttered dish.
Leave to rest for at least 5 minutes, before cutting.
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Vanilla Fudge
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