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 Roast Brisket

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PostSubject: Roast Brisket   Thu Sep 18, 2008 10:18 am


6 lbs of brisket / flat end / usually 2 pieces
4 cans 10 3/4oz tomato soup / Campbell's
2 lbs yellow onions / peel / cut up
2 lbs small new potatoes / peel (or large quartered)
salt & pepper


Pre - heat oven to 375
Put cut up onions on bottom of pan / season with salt & pepper
Pour 2 cans of tomato soup over onions / no water
Put meat fat side up on onions / season with salt & pepper
Pour remaining 2 cans of soup over meat
Cover pan with lid or aluminum foil / bake 3 hours - uncover
Add potatoes / cover / bake 1 hour
Remove meat / strain gravy / add 6 oz of water
Chill gravy / remove fat
Chill meat / slice
Add meat & potatoes to gravy / heat & eat or freeze in usable portions.

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Roast Brisket
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